Maria Borg has for the last couple of years asked me to model for her Lilly Mae fashion shows. I have always refused because I was shy of the weight that has accumulated over the years. I say accumulated like it happened on its own. It didn’t. I put on weight because I’m happy and lucky. I love life and I love to eat and cook meals with family and friends. My husband and I love going to food markets all over the world. We buy local produce and wine and go back to our home and cook together. So of course at 50 I’m not slim like I was in my 20s. When I’m not eating and sharing food with friends and family I’m not happy. It’s a trade-off everything in life is. We can never have it all. Or maybe we can? Yesterday I felt I had it all. The feeling of sharing and being with other women having fun is revitalising. Some women might think fashion and beauty is fickle. Models and their beauty only skin deep, but those that think that have never been in a room of beautiful, talented, women all having fun. That’s what I love about “modelling” and always loved about it here in Malta. For me modelling was a fun thing, an opportunity to be with the girls and have my hair and makeup done. I had forgotten the good vibes that being with girls having fun can give. I was reminded at the show. Women of different ages, different races, different backgrounds, complementing each other, praising each other and supporting each other. There’s nothing more powerful or more positive than that. Whether it’s a fashion show, a business lunch, charity do, Women in Tech evening, for me being around women is special. Nothing makes me happier than feeling the positive vibes that come from women supporting other women. Try it ladies, don’t miss any opportunities to be with your female friends, its uplifting, its rewarding, it warms your heart.

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