When Women help Women

Women for Women is a community of amazing, generous women and the living proof that when women support women we can effect change.

On the 4th October a community care worker sent me this message which I promptly posted on Women for Women:

Hi Fran, could you please post this anonymously. So 2 years ago I asked Women for Women to help a young lady I knew, with a laptop. Laptop was provided thanks to the power of Women for Women. I can proudly say that the young lady you helped is doing her last year in level 6. Soon, we will be having her in a managerial role helping vulnerable woman and children well done. Today I wish to ask again for a laptop for a mother of 3 who went through hell and back! Still going through several physical and mental illness, court, separation and many more….. Yet she was there proudly sitting in Uni induction meeting. She will be doing a 3 years course. She pays high rent and sole provider for her kids. She needs a good working laptop. So please if there is anyone out there who can invest in such a genuine case just let me know. Pictures and proof will be sent to Francesca in confidentiality.

Within hours the amazing women from this women only Facebook community had already donated 1407 euro; more than enough for a new laptop and a printer. The extra money will be used for food vouchers because the care worker also explained that there are many women and children living in poverty. Most of the mothers she helps live off pasta, rice and tinned food provided by the Food Bank. Therefore, the extra the money collected will be going towards food vouchers to enable the mothers to buy meat and fish products to feed their children.

Below is the letter of thanks received from our sister who just couldn’t believe how lucky she was and the generosity shown by other women towards a woman they don’t even know.

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