News from Women for Women

Yesterday was a busy day but a good day! I started at 9 at Millenium Chapel collected food donations, then headed to Swieqi Farm for fresh veg donation, then to Deguara for more donations. Had a whole car full of stuff. Met the mother to give her the stuff she hugged and hugged me. Then off to The Point to meet my special friends and to collect 500 euro worth of vouchers to give out to our sisters in need. Then I called a friend at Forestals about donating a fridge. Straight away they agreed when I told them 100% genuine case. This is once again the power of this community we have built a good reputation with the people out there. We are trusted because we are honest and we have created a ripple effect. We give our time for free, we show we care and that caring pays off. We show that when women help and trust each other amazing things happen. Thanks to all of you for being part of this community and keeping this spirit alive. And a big thank you to Ilona Busby who helped me tirelessly and to all of you who donated and offered all sorts of help.Xxx

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