Timbroo, a digital ‘stamp’ collecting loyalty scheme, is the brainchild of Lara Selvagi, a big data analyst and passionate consumer habits consultant. I met Lara over a coffee to learn more about her loyalty scheme app – Timbroo – a catchy take on the Maltese word for stamp – timbru.

Lara is quick to explain about her passion for data, and that Timbroo is meant for small businesses because large companies usually develop their own loyalty schemes. “For bigger companies I would usually be their consultant to help them understand their data” but “Timbroo for me is just a means to do what I love doing, which is building value from data.” “Timbroo is like a trusted friend and builds a relationship between the consumer and the business owner,” Lara enthuses.

For small businesses implementing a loyalty scheme might seem like a daunting task, but “Timbroo does it all for you,” Lara explains. According to Lara; Timbroo is more than just a stamp collecting scheme “because it gives the business owner important customer data that only a sophisticated software program would otherwise provide. Timbroo provides a bridge between the business owner and the consumer and allows for businesses to tailor their promotions according to their customers spending habits.” Claire Ciantar, Operations Manager at Posh Turkish – where customers can use the Timbroo app to get free meal rewards – had this to say: “Timbroo is a paper free and simple channel to attract, learn about, and build a relationship with your customers.”

Businesses signing up with Timbroo pay a yearly registration fee. The fee includes a tailor-made digital loyalty scheme, all the preparatory artwork, and app development fees. Reports are issued monthly. A barcode scanner will also be provided. There are no printing or marketing costs.

As a consumer I appreciate being rewarded for my loyalty and am a fan of collecting points or signing up for similar schemes. This app would be interesting if the businesses I usually frequent sign up, at the moment they are not yet listed, I must remember to encourage the places I frequent to sign up. I find Timbroo is easy to use, and I like the simple clear layout.

I like this app which frees up my purse from all those not environment friendly cards and look forward to seeing more businesses signing up and to start gathering Timbroo Rewards of my own. To feature your company on Timbroo contact Lara Selvagi on lara@timbroo.com  or 99853566.

To start benefiting from Timbroo Rewards, download the app from here:

Timbroo for iPhone

Timbroo for Android

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