News from Women for Women

Yesterday was a busy day but a good day! I started at 9 at Millenium Chapel collected food donations, then headed to Swieqi Farm for fresh veg donation, then to Deguara for more donations. Had a whole car full of stuff. Met the mother to give her the stuff she hugged and hugged me. Then […]

When Women help Women

Women for Women is a community of amazing, generous women and the living proof that when women support women we can effect change. On the 4th October a community care worker sent me this message which I promptly posted on Women for Women: Hi Fran, could you please post this anonymously. So 2 years ago […]

Women Power!

Maria Borg has for the last couple of years asked me to model for her Lilly Mae fashion shows. I have always refused because I was shy of the weight that has accumulated over the years. I say accumulated like it happened on its own. It didn’t. I put on weight because I’m happy and […]

How Women for Women began.

Francesca Fenech Cont – Founder of Women for Women In 2015 whilst sitting in my kitchen recovering from a hysterectomy I felt the need to discuss this exclusively female experience with other women. I needed a safe space to be able to discuss my experience outside of my usual circle of family and friends. I […]