News from Women for Women

Yesterday was a busy day but a good day! I started at 9 at Millenium Chapel collected food donations, then headed to Swieqi Farm for fresh veg donation, then to Deguara for more donations. Had a whole car full of stuff. Met the mother to give her the stuff she hugged and hugged me. Then [...]

When Women help Women

Women for Women is a community of amazing, generous women and the living proof that when women support women we can effect change. On the 4th October a community care worker sent me this message which I promptly posted on Women for Women: Hi Fran, could you please post this anonymously. So 2 years ago [...]

Women Power!

Maria Borg has for the last couple of years asked me to model for her Lilly Mae fashion shows. I have always refused because I was shy of the weight that has accumulated over the years. I say accumulated like it happened on its own. It didn’t. I put on weight because I’m happy and [...]

Doctors For Choice respond to Marion’s true story.

Marion Mifsud Mora after being admitted to Mater Dei with PPROM starting suffering with an infection and fever.  Although she knew her baby had no hope, it seems the doctors could not proceed to help her due to archaic anti-abortion laws. Doctors had no choice but to refuse her request to terminate the pregnancy. They [...]

‘I almost lost my life because Maltese doctors refused to terminate an unviable pregnancy’

Marion Mifsud Mora with her daughter in Mdina, September 2014 - the day before her waters broke. While on holiday in Malta, Marion’s waters broke at 17 weeks of pregnancy. As infection set in and the danger of her dying became very real, doctors left everything ‘in God’s hands’ and refused to terminate her pregnancy. [...]

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